Electronic Aftermarket Services and Solutions

Electronic aftermarket services designed to manage the entire product care life cycle.


  • Electronic Partners is a major player in electronic aftermarket services such as repair and refurbishment of electronic devices. To complement these best-in-class services, we have designed a new range of dedicated industry services and solutions to the evolving needs of the AMS industry.


  • electronic aftermarket services

Front End Solution

A dedicated solution to enable our clients to deal with customer service requests up-front. This solution include a device troubleshooting in-store or online, customer web self-service solution, call centre tools, internal help desk application as well as repair avoidance and triage tools.

  • device troubleshooting and repair avoidance
  • repair booking and repair tracking tools
  • reverse logistics, screening and grading

Repair Services

As our core business we operate accredited repair centres in the UK and the Republic of Ireland with bulk repair and customer repair capabilities. Other services include exchange stock management, warranty management and repair support services.

  • accredited service centres
  • depot repair services
  • repair management services
  • refurbishment services

Recycling and Recovery

When the product reaches its end of life, we offer several solutions for device trade-in, recycling, recovery and safe disposal. These solutions involve web self-service portals as well as back-end processes designed to efficiently manage and take care of products sent for trade-in, recovery or disposal.

  • trade-in portal
  • recycling
  • asset recovery and disposal

Analytics and Integration

Driving your after-sales business processes becomes much easier with our reporting tools and online management portals. Our CRM platform integrates advanced reporting mechanisms for both real-time alerts and offline reporting. The platform also interfaces with a variety of systems such as SAP and other ERP, CMR and WMS systems.

  • tracking platform
  • reporting portals
  • system interfaces

Dedicated Industry Solutions

We have huge expertise and know-how in the field of after-sales service, customer care and repair. Electronic Partners has developed solutions dedicated to our clients specific industries such as

  • solutions for Device Manufacturers
  • solutions for Network Carriers
  • solutions for Distributors
  • solutions for Retailers
  • solutions for Insurance Companies