Verizon’s Ellipsis 7 Tablet Isn’t Ready For Lollipop, Gets KitKat Update Instead

The Verizon Ellipsis 7 launched in Nov of 2013, a time shortly after Google expelled a Nexus 5 and manufacturers were meditative about pulling KitKat to their devices. Given a timing, it done clarity that Verizon didn’t boat Android 4.4 on a tablet.

But man, a conduit certain took a time. Three months after a universe has had time to turn proficient with Lollipop, Verizon has motionless to pull KitKat out to a 7-inch tablet. As partial of a over-the-air update, users get shade casting, wireless printing, and other features they’ve had some-more than adequate time to get to know on other devices.


The Verizon Ellipsis 7 wasn’t a quite good tablet, though it was LTE-enabled, and it retailed for $249.99. That done it affordable, if zero else. Now a program is a small reduction out of date, though it’s still flattering old.

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