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    At Electronic Partners we repair all makes of AV receivers, amplifiers, preamps and speakers and provide other types of audio & hifi repair services from brands like Yamaha Onkyo, Sony. KEF, Bose Harman / Kardon, Pioneer.

    Also, no one in Ireland has a bigger selection of spare parts for turntables, CD players and changers and tape players. We also carry a large inventory of parts for rack systems, combo systems, turntables systems, tuners, tabletop radios, and much more hard to find audio items. Whatever you want, we probably have it,  or we can find it for you!

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    • AV Receiver HDMI port not working ?

      If you experience loss of audio or video signal first make sure that source device is connected and set correctly. Inspect your HDMI cables for any damages and test your system with another working cable.

      Sometimes bad quality cable or forced connection can damage input or output HDMI port. This can result in a bad quality signal, loss of sound, picture or both at the same time. At Electronic Partners we have an extensive stock of brand new HDMI connectors that can be replaced and solder into your Audio Video Receiver.

      We have experience and necessary knowledge to fix other problems related to HDMI issues on AV Receivers. Symptoms like echo sound, distorted sound or playing selected channels (only front speakers)  can be caused by faulty HDMI Switch chip.  Another common problem that we repair at our Electronic Partners workshop and is caused by HDMI Encoder chip is when the user can’t switch between HDMI sources.

      To receive a free shipping label, please book your repair bellow.

      Amplifier gives static or crackling noise.

      In many cases, static noise can be related to faulty wiring between amplifier and speakers or speakers itself. If that is eliminated and crackling noise is still playing while you are listening to your favorite beats or watching a movie we will need to investigate your amplifier PCB board for possible faults.

      Usual amp issues that we repair are due to faulty power regulators, power transistors, dry / blown capacitors or simply internal fuses are gone.  Here at Electronic Partners, we fix all types of problems you can experience with your audio & hi-fi systems.

      Sound volume jumping when adjusting volume.

      Analog volume potentiometers or digital volume rotary encoders can wear off with time and will not regulate the volume correctly on your amp or home video system.

      We offer quick and professional repair service replacing any volume regulators or channel selectors on all brands of audio equipment.

      Book your free collection online and you will have your sound system fixed usually within 3 to 5 working days.


      Preamplifier is overheating or not turning on.

      Here at Electronic Partners, we repair all types of amplifier and audio system PCB boards. Faulty voltage regulators, power transistors or other power issues and short-circuits on mainboards can result in overheating of elements in your HiFi system. Overloaded and overheated amplifier components can cause sound distortion, static noise or powering off after a short period of playing.

      Do you repair old analog sound systems ?

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    Electronic Partners Ireland
    Electronic Partners Ireland
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    Electronic Partners Ireland
    David Ross
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    I have used this shop numerous times. Always a 5 star service. They are fair, warn you of chance of repair failure...
    Electronic Partners Ireland
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    Had a broken screen on Iphone and fixed qa comleted quickley and perfect ...
    Electronic Partners Ireland
    David Ross
    5 out of 5 stars
    I have used this shop numerous times. Always a 5 star service. They are fair, warn you of chance of repair failure...