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    Our local PBC repair service is the leading provider in service of all sort of servo motors, servo drives or other industrial electronics service and maintenance.

    Having the ability to offer a vast range of electronic PCB board repairs we service and repair most OEM, non-warranty, upgrades and obsolete repairs, for all industrial and home electronics such as heavy industrial machines, spa, garage roller shutters, washing machines.

    We’ve got more expertise, better equipment and more scalability than any local next door repair serive.

    • PCB Repairs Ireland

    • Can a PCB board be repaired?

      A damaged aircon circuit board can normally be repaired but this requires a well trained technical personnel to do it. However most circuit boards can‘t be repaired on site. Proper repairing of circuit boards should be carried out in a workshop environment where all test equipments are readily available.

      How do you know if PCB components are bad?
      Assume that any parts that appear damaged are faulty. 4 Turn the digital multimeter on and set it to its diode test function. 5 Identify bipolar (NPN or PNP) transistors on the schematic and find them on the circuit board. Touch the multimeter probes to the collector and emitter pins on each transistor.
      How much does it cost to replace furnace circuit board?
      Costs to Replace a Motherboard or Control Board. If your device needs a new control board the average cost for a engineer to repair is 45Eruo.
      Why do circuit boards fail?
      Typically, the most common causes of PCB failures can be attributed to: Component Design Failure: Incorrect placement of components, power failure, and overheating due to lack of space on the PCB, are just a few examples of things that can go wrong at the design and manufacturing stage. But also lightning strikes or simply age can be a cause.
      Can a broken circuit board be repaired?
      Although it’s sometimes possible to repair a broken PCB, it can be an extremely frustrating process. Usually, the hardest part of the repair is locating all of the cracked copper traces on the circuit board (See Tips). A low-wattage soldering pencil is an important tool for repairing broken PCBs. However our engineers are beable to fix most cracked PCB boards.

    Our PCB Repairs Ireland Include

      • Component level repairs
      • Photocopier
      • Appliances
      • Connector replacements
      • Medical electronic repairs
      • Laboratory repair service
      • Appliance PCB repairs
      • Control Panel Repairs

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    • Avatar Lucy Le Marquand ★★★★★ in the last week
      Can’t recommend these guys highly enough - they are very friendly and helpful no matter what you ask them.
      Their prices/repair costs are also extremely reasonable
      … read more and it would be hard to find somewhere else cheaper.
    • Avatar Paul Daly ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
      Sent a tablet on to get a broken charge port replaced. Fixed 24 hours after they got out and back with me 2 days later. Can't argue with that service!
    • Avatar kekq ★★★★★ 2 months ago
      hello, I'm going to be in the store tomorrow around 1-2pm talking about what's wrong with my PS4, so basically my PS4 is stuck in SAFE MODE and in SAFE … read more MODE I tried every option, NONE WORKED, the only one that worked was the INITIALIZE option which would basically make my PS4 look like new but, when I tried the option is took about 40min to load, when it loaded, you could see the PS4 LOGO ok your screen for about 1-2min, then it went away, when it went away nothing happened I was stuck on a DARK BLUE screen, so I need help getting my PS4 out of SAFE MODE and actually working again, BUT!, the question I really want to know is how much will it cost to get this JOB DONE?, have a nice day
      MY EMAIL IS:
      PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!