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  • Phone Repairs Cork

    We repair most makes and models of phones. This includes, iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and as well as many others. In fact, over the past few years, we’ve processed more than 40000 phones!

  • We fix any model and most repairs are completed the same day.

    A short list we offer for smartphone repairs,

    • Apple iPhone 4 Repairs Cork
    • Apple iPhone 5 Repairs Cork
    • Apple iPhone 6 Repairs Cork
    • Apple iPhone 7 Repairs Cork
    • Samsung Phone Repairs Cork
    • HTC Phone Repairs Cork
    • Blackberry Phone Repairs Cork
    • LG Phone Repairs Cork
    • Motorola Phone Repairs Cork
    • Nokia Phone Repairs Cork
    • Sony Phone Repairs Cork
    • ZTE Phone Repairs Cork
    • Dual Sim Phone Repairs Cork
    • and many more

    We also supply a vast range of mobile phone accessories, phone batteries, phone chargers and related products.

    If your smartphone breaks down it can be frustrating and inconvenient. We can repair your smartphone at our state of the art workshop here in Bedfordshire. Having your smartphone repaired with us can be a lot cheaper than buying a brand new one and will save you a lot of time and hassle, our trained engineers waiting for your broken smartphone.

    The easy way to unlock your phone.

    Our phone unlock service are above and beyond others. We have our own server to provide our clients with the fastest phone unlock method. This also allows us to provide the cheapest phone unlock rates. 80% of Unlocks are done while you wait but we also offer a 100% genuine iPhone unlock service for all Apple iPhones and we offer now phone unlock codes online. This phone unlock method is also know as the remote phone unlock, imei unlock or subsidy code. Not all makes, models and networks are supported, in this case the phone can be brought or sent to our store for unlocking.

    Out of warranty Phone Repairs.

    Not only Authorised Phone Repairs Service Providers can source and install genuine phone parts, so you can relax and Electronic partner expertly repair your phone even when not covered by the standard 12 month Phone Repairs cover.
    We will assess your phone and then advise you of any further costs for labour or phone parts before going ahead with the Phone Repairs. Apple repair guarantee parts supply for 5 years from the introduction of a model so obtaining the required replacement component shouldn’t be a problem.

    From Samsung Galaxy to the latest iPhone.

    Our Phone Repairs services cover glass and LCD replacement, water damage, headphone jack replacement, home button repair, battery replacements and more. We can also fully refurbish any Phone and ensure that your Phone looks and functions as good as new.

    You have two options available for our Phone Repairs.

    Our walk in apple repair centre is conveniently located in Galway, so you have the option of walking in for speedy service. Most Phone Repairs services can be completed in less than 30 minutes for local customers. If you are not close to our shop you also have the option to get your Phone collected or to drop it off in one of our nationwide collection points. For most of our Phone Repairs services we offer a same day turn around guarantee to assure you that no time is wasted in the Phone Repairs of your device. As always we offer No Fix No Fee for all Phone Repairs if you are not sure what damage your device has suffered.

    The truth about all Phone Repairs.

    Phone Repairs is not as easy as it seems. Although many problems are obvious, others can be tricky to pinpoint, which is why at Electronic Partner we test every device thoroughly. The truth is, an Phone is basically a small computer and depending upon model, contains; a logic board, battery, screen, memory and charger connections that can all break, or become faulty over time. Just as you don’t replace your car every time it has a mechanical problem, you don’t have to replace your Phone either. The answer is: Phone Repairs.

    Phone Repairs vs. buying new.

    Phone Repairs is almost always more cost effective than buying a new Phone. There are some instances where the Phone cost approaches or exceeds the value of the Device, however, this is rare. At Electronic Partner, we have built our business on providing a cost effective alternative to buying a new Phone and if that isn’t possible, we let our customers know immediately. Our average Phone Repairs cost is 50 Euro while free collected, considering that a new Phone starts at 200 Euro, the clear winner is the Phone Repairs.

Our Phone Repairs Include

    • Phone Digitizer Repair
    • Phone Battery Replacement
    • Phone Front and Rear Camera Repair
    • Phone Dock Connector and Charging Port Repair
    • Phone Headphone Jack Repair
    • iPhone Home Button Repair
    • Phone Button Repair
    • Phone Power Button Repair
    • Phone Housing Replacement
    • Phone Sim Reader Repair
    • Phone Speaker Repair
    • Phone Volume Button Repair
    • Phone Unlocking
    • Phone LCD Repair
    • Phone Charger Replacement
    • Phone Sim Card Reader Repair
    • Phone Software Repair
    • Phone Software Update
    • Phone Liquid Damage Repair

Our Latest Phone Repairs

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