• Google Home Hub review: A smarter smart display

    Google started talking about Assistant-powered smart displays earlier this year, but it let Lenovo and JBL roll out the first products. Google unveiled its Assistant display alongside the new Pixel phones, and it's not just the same guts in a new shell. Google has added some unique features and also omitted one that all other devices have. […]

  • UL Benchmarks accuses Oppo of cheating, pulls scores for Find X and F7

    Synthetic benchmark tests rarely prove how well a smartphone performs in real-world use, especially because most phone manufacturers have been caught tampering with results. Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, and others have implemented software tweaks that speed up their devices while benchmarks are being executed. You can now add Oppo to that list, according to UL Benchmark […]

  • ASUS Chromebook 12 C223NA review: A step backwards

    In my opinion, Asus makes the best Chromebooks on the market, second only to Google. Last year's Chromebook Flip C302 is still one of the best Chrome OS laptops you can buy, especially considering its competitive price point. The company's lower-end C101PA is also a fantastic 10-inch convertible. I think you can easily make the […]

  • Android 8.1 Oreo is now available for the LG K20 on AT&T

    Android Oreo continues to make its way to lower-end devices. This time, it's the $120 LG K20 on ATT. The carrier posted a support update that noted Android 8.1 is available for the phone last week. While it's not the latest and greatest, Oreo carries with it some significant upgrades, like picture-in-picture support for certain […]

  • Pixel Stand review: A cool but tragically overpriced wireless charger

    You could be forgiven for thinking Google was new to wireless charging if you haven't been obsessively following its products for years. The Nexus 4, 5, and 6 all had wireless charging capabilities, and Google even released its own wireless charging pad in 2013. After ignoring wireless charging for several years, the feature is back […]